Monday, June 8, 2015

Successful weekend, good start to the day.

Posting my weight on Saturday had the desired result - the weekend went very well, and today has started out exactly as I have wanted.

Saturday was a good day. I spent about 5 hours of it moving my younger brother's stuff from one apartment to another. Spending that much time walking back and forth and lifting heavy things can burn quite a few calories. I brought two of my kids with me (they are 12). It was a good thing that we went, too, as we doubled the number of people doing the move. While the kids didn't necessarily lift the heavy stuff, they did move a LOT of the smaller boxes. They were a great help.

Afterwards, my brother treated everyone to frozen custard. I think that it would have completely replaced most of the calories I burned, if not all of them, so I declined. It was a victory - not just in the ability to decline, but the ease with which I did it. My brain wasn't screaming at me to eat it. Which is a bit strange, but I'll take it when I get it.

This morning I haven't eaten breakfast yet, but that's because I'm waiting for the free berries at 9:00. All in all I'm feeling good, and it's about time, too.

I'm wanting to have a great week. One week from today I'm going to be on my way to Scout Camp with a bunch of scouts. I will be completely out of communication for the entire week. With all of the walking I'm going to do, I expect to be down significantly before the end of it.

Speaking of what is coming up...

After Scout Camp, I've got two weeks at home, and then we're heading on a family vacation for a week and a half. To tell you the truth, that is going to be HARD. I need to be in as good a place as I can possibly be before that starts. This is why I have been feeling rather desperate to get back into the swing of things.

That, and I REALLY do miss what it felt like to be in shape.

Another time I'll mention what it is that I'm visualizing when I need to get some motivation.



  1. Great job, Silas! I know you can do this! :)

    1. Thanks again Gwen! Love the support. You are consistently kind.