Who is this Silas guy?

I received a suggestion that I have an About Me page. I thought that I had already done it, but hey, since it's not there, here goes nothing.

I think the best thing to do would be to link to some of my first posts. I tell pretty much my entire story there, and it is kind of "required reading," if there is such a thing on a weight-loss blog.

Why fat2fit2fat2fit2fat2fit?

But before that, the reason for my blog name...

I started out at pretty normal weights, went up to 336 pounds, went down to 204, then up to 302, then down to 217, then up to 318. I'm on my way down again.

For details:

So who is Silas?

I'm a Software Engineer by trade, a husband and father by choice, and most likely very much a food addict. As you hopefully read above, I have issues with food and up and down dieting. I won't call it yo-yo dieting - the swings appear to be WAY too big to be categorized as yo-yo. But I know how to both gain weight (eat whatever crap I can shovel into the cake-hole in copious amounts) and I know how to lose weight (eat good food, in reasonable amounts, and move a whole lot more). I just have to get my motivation in place.

What plan do I follow?

Really it's just the eat less move more plan. 

I have issues with food - especially sugar, so at times I will cut out sugar to get rid of cravings. But in general, my eating includes way more whole foods and lean meat, with fewer simple carbs and almost no refined sugars.

For exercise - I love to run, when my knees will allow it. I do some strength training, especially circuit training when I can get into it. For now, it's walking/running.

So that's me.

Nothing new, a story that everyone has heard many times over. but I will do my best to make sure that the end to the story is the one that I want. Good thing that I'm the guy writing the story, no?

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