Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Initialization Started...

Where to start?

I really don't know where to start.

The title of the post tells you a lot about me. I'm an unapologetic geek, through and through. I always will be. Software Engineer by trade, husband and father by choice.

Let's talk about some other choices, while we're at it.

I have a very seriously screwed up relationship with food. From my early life, I didn't learn to eat healthy food. I put the blame squarely on my own shoulders. As a kid, when I had the chance, I would take the box of Captain Crunch to my room and just eat the entire box.

Or after doing my paper route, I would sometimes stop by the grocery store on the way home to pick up apple fritters and cold milk.

Still, as a kid, you have a pretty good metabolism. I never really good too overweight. I struggled with it some, but when I hit high school and my growth spurt, everything was OK.

After high school, I found that a roommate in college and I could each get a medium pizza for $2.50 each. Also, I found out that Ramen Noodles were VERY cheap. And I could eat a lot of them.

Getting married, I wasn't very overweight. I am now. Very overweight. What happened?

Well, that is to come.

Right now, all I know is that I have to recommit. All over again. Re-recommit? Well, if that's how we're going to do it, it would have to be a (re-)^n commit. And if you get that, you are also a geek. I'm just sayin'.

For now, I need to go back to basics. There is something that I need to do, most of all - and that is simply to drive straight to work. My biggest thing is stopping to get food on the way to work. And I use the word "food" loosely.

Second most important thing, and this goes hand in hand with the first, is to drive to the gym instead. I haven't been going to the gym.

Why am I going to do this? I miss some things. I miss feeling strong. I miss the endorphins when I do a long workout. I miss fitting in clothes again.

As of this morning, I weigh 288 pounds.

That sucks.

I have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. This might as well be it.

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Not necessarily in that order.


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