Friday, April 3, 2015

To Fit 1

There comes a time when you get sick of being fat. If I remember correctly, that time was when I saw the picture that I put in my last post - the one where I was pushing the stroller. It was hard to see - it still is.

I also had a CPAP machine to treat my Sleep Apnea. I had a VERY severe case, and without treatment, I was having trouble staying awake driving to my college classes in the morning. So that sucked.

I knew that I had to do something. It was sometime around spring of 2004, I think, that I first walked into a Weight Watchers building. That's how I know exactly how much I weighed - that was my initial weigh in. 336.4 pounds.

It was kind of liberating. The plan was fairly simple. The stupid slider for points calculation was weird, but it was not rocket science. And once I got to know how many points everything was, I started cruising along.

I had talked with my doctor about what my goal weight should be, because the height/weight proportion thing will NEVER work for me. He told me that 210 would be a very healthy weight.

I don't know why, but for some reason my eating disorder took a back seat to correct eating. I really was able to follow the plan. For about 10 months. I started playing basketball with some friends in the neighborhood three mornings a week. At first it was tough, but once I got down below about 290, something switched, and it got much easier, and a lot of fun.

Then came the day that I jumped up and landed on another guy's foot. Turns out that's a bad thing. I had what's called an evulsion fracture on my ankle - one of the tendons (I think?) in my ankle pulled a chunk of bone off. It's better than the tendon stretching or snapping, but it was painful.

As a part of the physical therapy after it got better, they told me that I should take up running, that it would be good for my ankle.

Who would have known that I would enjoy it. Somehow, after thinking for all of my life that I hated running, that it would turn out to be my favorite form of exercise.

Well, I continued running and playing basketball. In the end, I bottomed out at about 203 pounds. I was thin and healthy, I was in shape, I was happy. This was around February of 2005. It was awesome.

Then I learned some things about what happens when you lose a lot of weight...

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