Friday, May 22, 2015

Lunch went well.

Weird. I have a non-zero pageview count. That means that at least one person is reading this. That's kind of strange. But welcome. :)

The lunch today with my brother was fun. We went to a sandwich shop. Had a ham sandwich, buffalo dressing, no cheese, tons of veggies. 5 inch. Totally worth it. And no, it wasn't THAT sandwich shop. Yes, it was 5 inches. Somehow - they do 5 inch increments instead of 6.

After that, we went to a large open grassy field and ran my new truck around for a while. It was fantastic. A little chilly, as a storm is blowing in.

But so far so good today. I'm feeling pretty happy about things, all things considered.

And two blog updates in one day!

I'll most likely be offline until Monday. See you on the flip side...



  1. Silas-

    I just finished going through all you posts (yes, all 18). To be honest, there were many times as I was reading that I thought that this blog could have been written by me.

    I too share the same affliction of being able to lose weight, but always ending up right back where I started because I have this on/off mentality with no middle ground.

    I sympathize and I truly wish you the best of luck. I'm adding you to my blogroll so I'll be back from time to time to see if you can figure it out because I know I haven't been able to yet.

    Stay Strong!

  2. FogDog - thanks for the add. There has to be a way to do this. As long as we can all stick together, once someone figures it out, we can all benefit.

    Glad you are here! I'll visit your site as well. Good luck!