Thursday, September 10, 2015

It is here!

The new fitbit surge is here! It's on my wrist. I'll have to get up and walk around every so often now.

It wouldn't be a bad idea anyway. I haven't had anything for breakfast. I should get something from the break room. They've got big bins of fruit that are calling my name.

And yes, I can ignore the cereal. While I am adding back in some carbs, I still find those to be pure crap. I had a granola bar the other day. 100 calories. It did nothing to make my weight worse. But it DID make me crave more granola bars for several hours.

This particular monkey may never be off of my back. I just have to make sure that I stick to the point where I say no before I get back into the hold of addiction again.

Well, not enough steps today yet. Time to go get a few in.

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