Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It's coming today!

At the beginning of the year I decided to try out a new wearable. I ended up buying the Fitbit Surge. It's good - I liked it a lot. I think if I had the chance to choose again I may have gone for the Charge HR, but hey, it's mine and I like it!

However, the charging port hasn't ever worked right. It was always just a little loose. And after several months of use, it would no longer charge.

I called the company and they promptly sent out a replacement charger. Even though I told them that it wasn't the case, they had to try it first.

Well, surprise surprise, it didn't work! So another phone call later they sent out a new unit!

It's arriving sometime today.

Let me tell you - I'm a numbers guy. I love numbers, metrics, measurements, everything about them. So having data on my calorie output is awesome.

I used to have an old Exerspy (think the Body Bugg from BodyMedia, but on Steriods). It was amazing - the data was VERY accurate. When I used its calorie output numbers along with my calorie intake numbers (from food logs), I could predict within 3% what weight I would be. started breaking down a bit. And with BodyMedia, you had to have a monthly subscription to their service for the exerspy to even work. Did NOT like.

So that's why the switch to the fitbit.

Anyway, here's to getting my numbers daily again...

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