Wednesday, August 10, 2016

And so it begins.

Quick notes...

I've decided against the DietBet for now. I may end up changing my mind tomorrow even, but for today, it's not happening.

I am still tweaking my spreadsheet, but it's in a pretty good state right now. I'm happy with what I have, and with where I think I can be headed.

I'm at work, have eaten nothing, and have brought my workout clothes. It's a blank slate today for me to start with.


For absolute total beginning...

I weighed this morning. Not as good as I had hoped. Not as bad as I had feared. But it's bad enough. Starting weight:


Interesting how it's very nearly exactly 100 pounds up from when I won the weight loss competition just over two years ago. Basically I'm up 1 pound a week. It's amazing how easy that is to do.

Doesn't matter. I know two things right now. Where I am, and where I want to go. Those are the two most important right now.

I am going to have two new goals starting today:

1) See how fast I can get to 1,000,000 steps. I want to try to do it in under 3 months. For those who are counting, that's just under 11,000 steps per day. That is VERY doable.

2) Start my long-term countdown to 100 pounds lost. Since that was what was gained, I think that it's only fair that this is my goal for what will be lost.

I'm not in a hurry to lose the weight. Yes, the sooner it comes off the better. But I am going to attempt something that I haven't done in the past, which is a slower, more methodical, and theoretically permanent life changing weight loss. The point of this mindset is so that I don't have any sort of let-down at the end. No changing back to bad habits. Or more accurately no ditching of new short-term habits for long term sloth and gluttony.

I guess we will see where this goes. But the good news is that I haven't felt this good about my direction in a while now. I know it's easy to lose this feeling. But at least it's here.

For the moment, anyway.


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