Tuesday, August 9, 2016

There's always a good reason

I've spent the weekend (and yesterday) working through what I am hoping is going to be a good motivational tool. I've set up a way for me to track my progress and efforts, along with putting actual value to the efforts and successes. I may need to tweak it a bit over the next while, but the program is solid, I think.

To make things even more interesting, I'm planning on joining a dietbet as well. If I'm going to be paying myself for doing well, I might as well add in others doing some of the paying. Oh, I'm not going to be spending thousands of dollars on myself or anything, but if I am doing hundreds, it makes sense to do the dietbet to see how much I can get others to do.

Today I'm at a developer conference for work. I can't really control the food. Can I?

There's always an excuse. There is always a reason to start later. There's always another day, another activity, another reason to NOT do what I know that I need to do.

But what are my reasons for doing WELL?

That's what I'm pondering today. I need to come up with, and write down, the reasons that I am going to do well. My excuses for treating myself as I deserve to be treated.

To continue these rambling semi-incoherent thoughts...

I was talking with my daughter yesterday about positive self talk. I think that I need to take some of my own advice. I have been down on myself for a while. Not treating myself well.

Time for that to stop. Those "good reasons" that I can always come up with? They are starting to fall by the wayside again.

So it really is T-minus 1 day right now. I'm going to get everything in order today to be ready for tomorrow. I'm going to plan things out, get everything ready, and write my goals down. I'm going to post my progress/reward sheet on google docs so that I can access it anywhere.

I really do know what to do. Right now, the biggest things is to be a bit like AA - I need to take this thing one day at a time.

We'll see how it goes...

But this JUST might work. All i know is that I can't give up.


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