Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Weigh Day...

I told myself (and anyone reading) that this week was not going to be as good of a week as last week - partially because last week was way over-inflated. Well, I was correct. This week was significantly less. But it was down. I'm at 307.3 right now. Based on how the week went, and my calorie deficit, and considering last's actually pretty darned good. I'm at a total of 11.3 pounds down in 2 weeks.

So about 1.6 pounds down this week. After a sort of sad initial reaction (who wouldn't be disappointed with 1.6 after 9.7?) I'm actually quite OK with it.

The reason behind that is that I'm trying for a much slower, gradual weight loss this time. I really do believe that this may help it to be more long-term.

So happy this morning, and getting ready for the next week! Here's to being the top person on my fitbit friends this week again...


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