Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday weigh-in

Wednesday has rolled around, and it's time to see if all of my efforts have paid off! My weight this morning was:


For those keeping track (read: me) that's 9.7 pounds this past week. So yeah, a good week. :)

This means a few things, to me.

1) Last week's weigh-in was a bit over-inflated.
2) Next week's weigh-in will be a bit understated.

I have to remember these things when the weight loss is way less.

But for today...

Today I'm happy with it.

I think I've learned something. Yesterday was a birthday party for my son. There ended up being food that was not so great for me - of course a big group of teenage boys wants pizza.

Still - I didn't go nuts.

Lunch wasn't too great either - but I also didn't go nuts.

So what have I learned?

Occasionally, and I mean occasionally, it is OK to have a food that isn't so healthy. As long as I stick with a sane portion.

And I think the other issue that I used to have was the constant all-day-long grazing and munching. If that stops, then about 50% or more of my calories are gone.

Whatever works. Seriously.

For now, I'm jumping back into week 2 with a vengeance...

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