Friday, August 5, 2016

I'm not above a little bribery.

I'm a Scoutmaster. It's one of the things that I do. Anyone who has been around Boy Scouts for any length of time knows that the average 12-13 year old boy (my age group) is sometimes only marginally interested in doing Scouting things.

Everyone LOVES going camping. They love when we go swimming, rifle shooting, playing games, and any number of activities. Elective merit badges are awesome.

Required ones, however, are a lot harder to get them to work on. Citizenship badges, while VERY useful and informative, are - let's face it - boring compared to the Game Design merit badge.

So sometimes I bribe them. If they complete this badge, we'll have an activity of some sort. A lot of times it's just making popcorn at my house while I let them play Mario Kart, something like that. We don't do this a lot, but it really does help.


I have now decided that I am not above bribing myself. I know what it is that I need to do to lose weight. I really do. It's just getting the motivation to get things done. So how am I going to bribe myself?

Obviously food is out. A task that I have, which is something that I'm going to be working on for the next several years, I expect, is to come to a much healthier relationship when it comes to food. This is going to have to be an ongoing thing - not something that I think I can come up with quickly.

So food is NOT a reward that is going to work for me.


I don't buy a lot of extra things. It's really hard to justify spending money on myself except for when I get money for a birthday or Christmas. Oh, I'll buy a book if I need something to read, I'll buy a movie, small things...

But larger purchases - $250 for RC car upgrades, $1000 for a vacation, $3000 on a musical instrument...

That's the kind of thing that I don't spend money on. Just can't justify it.

This is the sort of thing that intrigues me. I think that bribing myself with the thought of a larger purchase can possibly work. The last time I lost 85 pounds, it was in a Weight Loss competition where the prize was a $1500 travel voucher. My wife and I used it to go to Hawaii. It was amazing.

But just saying "someday in the future you can buy something big" isn't immediate enough. I need something way closer to the moment.

So I've decided to put together of a way that I can "earn" money. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Activity How much
First 10000 steps $0.00005/step
Calorie deficit $0.0002/cal
Workout (strenuous cardio) $0.0005/min
Workout (pyramids, other) $0.20/day
Veggies $0.10/serving
Fruits $0.05/serving

This means that a calorie deficit of 500 will give me $0.10 per day. Strenuous cardio is $0.30 per hour. Steps - this is $0.50 per 10000 steps.

This doesn't really seem like much. But if I do 10,000 steps per day, have a 1500 calorie deficit per day, do a 30 minute workout, do my pyramids 5 days out of 7, and eat 5 servings of veggies and 3 fruits per day, that would work out to around $13 per week.

I know...I know...this isn't a lot. But for me this is about LONG TERM changes.

I'm going to tweak this. Maybe have some "boosters" for pounds lost, for certain milestones, etc.

In the end, after a year of doing this, there is a chance at this becoming some serious money. Well, serious for a middle-class income type guy - but enough to buy something nice for myself.

Time to consider for this. I believe that this will start on Sunday.

I will be back. Something has to change, and I'm feeling positive about this one.


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