Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Getting rid of addiction SUCKS.

Yesterday I had headaches and dizziness. Refined carb detox really does suck. But it is really making me realize how severely I have become dependent on sugar (and everything that instantly metabolizes to sugar).

I have also been chuckling at how many crap carbs come up all the time. From the first day...

Day 1 - Cake
Day 3 - Cake
Day 4 - Bagels

I've passed on all of it. I'm taking this detox seriously.

And the results are already on their way. Since Saturday I'm down about 6 pounds. Of course, a lot of that is certainly going to be water weight, but I know that some of it isn't.

The hardest thing is, really, finding stuff to eat. So much of what most people consume has bread in it. Or rice. Or potatoes.

Lean protein and fruits and vegetables. That's my mantra for the next while.

Time to get back to work...

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